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Department of Community Medicine


  • 4218/2011 An evaluation of the various environmental parameters in military trg and deployment in semi-arid and desert terrain Col MP Cariappa
  • 4316/2012 To study factors influencing self-medication and poor drug compliance in Army    households  Col AK Jindal, YSM
  • 4317/2012 Development of IEC module on ‘Self Care’   for PLWHAs   among serving personnel and their families based on their felt needs Gp Capt Renuka Kunte
  • 4416/2013 Onsite evaluation of water quality across various armed forces deployment paradigms Col M P Cariappa
  • 4417/2013 A study on genetic variation and insecticidal susceptibility in aedes aegypti from different geographical populations of selected cantonments for effective vector control strategies in Armed forces Col Raj Kumar        
  • 4419/2013 To study the prevalence of overweight amongst children of serving armed forces personnel residing in Pune                Lt Col Sukhmeet Minhas
  • 4420/2013 A study of susceptibility towards varicella and rubella among cadets and recruits in Armed forces        Lt Col Vani Suryam
  • 4421/2013 A community based study of risk factors profile of Non Communicable Diseases with special reference to Bone Mineral Density and Vitamin D status in an  adult male population in a military cantonment Surg Capt Sougat Ray
  • ICMR

  • A study of Tobacco use among Medical students     - Med Cdt Manisha, Guide : Lt Col V Suryam
  • ICMR 2011 - To study the prevalence of overweight amongst school girls in aschool of Pune.(Med Cdt Priyanshi Chaudhary) Lt Col S Minhas

  • ICMR 2012 - To study the immunization status of children residing in an urban slum area of Pune.(Med Cdt Niveditha Raj) Lt Col S Minhas

  • ICMR 2013 – Psychosocial factors affecting menstrual hygiene in adolescent girls.(Med Cdt Supriya Kumari) Lt Col S Minhas