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Department of Internal Medicine

Research Topics

  • Elucidation  of role of catecholamine in systemic hypertension in cases of Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Prognostic significance of metabolic acidosis in critically ill patients
  • Role of Quantiferon assay in management of Latent Tuberculosis
  • How many patients are able to achieve the goals laid down by the ADA criteria?
  • Conventional Interferon Alpha versus pegylated Interferon alpha for HCV infection in dialysis patients – a comparative study.
  • A Study of Quality of Life of Asymptomatic Patients on Antihypertensive Medicines.
  • Clinical profile of Sepsis in A Tertiary care Hospital in ICU setting and prognostic significance of metabolic acidosis in sepsis
  • A Study of Clinical profile of cases of Multiple Myeloma in a tertiary care centre
  • A Study of association between post stroke blood pressure and subsequent functional and neurological outcome
  • To study the efficacy of intensive treatment for Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus at a Tertiary care center.
  • A Correlative study of Biochemical, Virological and Histological, Parameters of HBV infection in HIV/HBV Co-Infection.
  • A study of anaemia in chronic kidney disease and renal transplant recipients and response to parenteral iron therapy.
  • To study the clinical profile and laboratory parameters of spontaneous  Bacterial peritonitis in cirrhosis with ascites.
  • To study the association between post stroke blood pressure and subsequent functional and Neurological outcome.
  • A study of bone mineral density in men more than 50 yrs with no secondary risk factors and its relation to muscle mass and androgen levels.
  • To study the clinical profile of cases of multiple Myeloma at a tertiary care centre.
  • A study of clinical and serological profile of acute hepatitis        
  • A clinical, biochemical and Virological study of HCV infection in ESRD patients.
  • To study the various cardiovascular manifestations in chronic kidney disease
  • To study the prevalence of metabolic syndrome in HIV infected patients on first line antiretroviral therapy.
  • To study the prevalence of hypogonadism in male patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
  • A clinical profile of patients with headache.
  • To study the relationship between Barthel index and modified Rankin scale score in assessing functional outcome in acute ischaemic stroke.
  • To study the prevalence of metabolic syndrome in HIV infected patients on first line retroviral therapy.
  • A cross sectional analytical study of cognitive function in HIV positive individuals.
  • Nutritional assessment of patients on haemodialysis and pre-dialysis patients.
  • Detection of Latent TB in patients with HIV infection using quantiferon GOLD.
  • A study to determine the severity of liver involvement in HBeAg negative status with chronic HBV infection and mild elevation of transaminases.
  • To study spectrum of CSF in febrile encephalopathy.
  • To determine the correlation of capillary blood glucose with venous blood glucose in Type2 Diabetes mellitus patients admitted in ICU of  alarge tertiary  care hospital.
  • To study ultrasound features of hand joints among RA patients in clinical remission.
  • Statin use and its association with myopathy :A cross sectional study at tertiary care centre.
  • To study the prevalence of  chronic kidney disease in stroke and association of chronic kidney disease in relation to discharge outcome among stroke patients.
  • To study the prevalence of minimal hepatic encephalopathy in patients with cirrhosis of liverand its correlation with blood ammonia levels.
  • To compare the efficacy toxicity profile of Methotrexate-Leflunomide combination with that of Methotrexate-Sulfasalazine-Hydroxychloroquine in 50 patients of Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • Neurological manifestations in malignancy
  • Profile of upper gastrointestinal endoscopy in patients of chronic kidney disease and renal transplant recepients.
  • Clinical profile of cognitive disorder in HIV 1 patients on HAART.
  • Clinical,Immunological and virological profile of HIV patients on second line Antiretroviral therapy.
  • Relationship of Vitamin D and Parathyroid harmone with body composition in 100 post menopausal women
  • Study of the profile of infections in post renal transplant patients in a tertiary care centre.
  • Comparison of carotid intimal thickening in patients with HIV infection on ART and not on ART.      

Future Research Plans

  • Stem cell therapy for DVT.
  • To study the epidemiology of VTE in low landers at high altitude.
  • To study the role of hypertension management in intracerebral hemorrhage.