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Department of Pathology

Research is integral to the ethos of the department and each faculty member is actively pursuing AFMRC and departmental research projects. Undergraduate students are encouraged and assisted in applying for ICMR short term projects. The facilities of Electron Microscopy, Immuno-histochemistry and Molecular Pathology are being used in this direction.


Current Projects:

  1. AFMRC Project No 3918/2009: Role of cytokines gene polymorphisms and the cytokine inducing molecule NFkB in the pathogenesis of psoriasis PW: Col Nikhil Moorchung

  2. AFMRC Project No 3919/2009: A study of the histomorphologic prognostic markers and proliferative index with genetic factors associated with favourable therapeutic outcomes in diffusely infiltrating gliomas PW: Col Prabal Deb.

  3. AFMRC Project No. 3921/2009: D2-40 immunostaining for lymphangiogenesis and lymphatic emboli and its association with HER-2 / neu overexpression in breast carcinoma . PW: Col V Srinivas.

  4. AFMRC Project No. 3922/2009: Aberrant Immunophenotypic Expression in Acute Leukemias: A clinico pathologic Study using Flow Cytometer . PW: Lt Col Ajay Malik

  5. AFMRC Project No 4065/2010: Prospective application of a multiplex RT-PCR assay for the detection of balanced translocations in acute leukemia. A pilot study. PW: Col Jyoti Kotwal

  6. AFMRC Project No 4066/2010: Flow cytometric analysis of NHL using FNAC and Fresh tissue biopsy material. A pilot study. PW: Lt Col Ajay Malik

  7. AFMRC Project No 4079/2010: Role of ras gene mutations in colorectal cancer. PW: Col Nikhil Moorchung

  8. AFMRC Project No NYA 4146/2011 : Analysis of platelet activation factors in severe sepsis and sepsis related MOD by flow-cytometric studies and its evaluation with current prognostic scoring. A pilot study. PW: Surg Cdr V Manu

  9. AFMRC Project No 4151/2011 : Spectrum of nephrotic syndrome and podocytopathies, study of podocyte associated markers in renal biopsies. PW: Col Sonia Badwal

  10. AFMRC Project No 4159/2011: Role of immunohistochemistry in differentiating muscularis mucosae and muscularis propria as an aid to accurate staging of invasive transitional cell carcinoma of urinary bladder. A pilot study. PW: Wg Cdr Prateek Kinra

  11. AFMRC Project No 4299/2012: An analysis of nine thrombophilic mutations in young patients of thrombosis : a pilot study PW: Col Jyoti Kotwal

  12. AFMRC Project No 4301/2012: To study the Biomarkers for Acute Kidney injury ( AKI) in critically ill patients admitted to intensive Care Unit. PW: Col Sonia Badwal

  13. AFMRC Project No 4308/2012 : To determine cytogenetic abnormalities in children with idiopathic Mental Retardation. PW: Lt Col Rohit Tiwari

  14. AFMRC Project No 4309/2012 : EGFR and BRAF mutation evaluation in Colorectal cancer PW: Brig Vibha Dutta, SM

  15. AFMRC Project No 4310/2012 : Role of mHLA-DR and Dendritic Cell Subsets in Sepsis PW: Col VS Nijhawan

  16. AFMRC Project No 4311/2012 : Correlation of BRAF gene and IDH1/IDH2 expression with tumour type and grade in gliomas PW: Col Prabal Deb.

ICMR Projects: GW

  1. Med Cadet Anand Alex: Correlation of p53 oncoprotein immunohistochemical expression in cases of transitional bladder carcinoma with muscular invasion, grade and other prognostic markers of the carcinoma. Guide- Wg Cdr Prateek Kinra

  2. Med Cadet Anurag Danda: To study the clinicopathological spectrum of Lupus Nephritis correlating clinical variables with histomorphological features and immunofluorscence in renal biopsies. Guide - Lt Col Sonia Badwal

  3. Med Cadet Anurag Sachan: Application of multiplex reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) assay for the detection of balanced translocations in acute lymphoblastic leukemia: A pilot study. Guide – Col Jyoti Kotwal

  4. Med cadet Akshay Misra: Morphometric and Immunohistochemical comparative evaluation of marginal gingival epithelium in smokers and non-smokers.- Lt Col Ajay Malik.

  5. Med Cadet Harsh Holani : Correlation of Angiogenesis with grading and nodal status in Breast Carinoma-A pilot study.- Col. V Srinivas

MUHS Projects: GW

  1. Med Cadet Mandavi Dwivedi : -To compare the expression pattern of MGMT and evaluate its utility as a surrogate prognostic marker in primary astrocytic and non astrocytic CNS tumours. Guide – Brig Vibha Dutta, SM

  2. Med Cadet Ankit Kumar : -To study the diagnostic utility of a comprehensive protocol comprising of routine histology, modified Gomori trichrome stain, and electron microscopy in evaluation of muscle biopsies from patients with myopathies. Guide – Col Prabal Deb

  3. Med Cadet Ankit Chawla:- Evaluation of nuclear and vascular parameters as prognostic markers in neoplasms of prostate by morphometry and immunohistochemistry and correlation with Gleason’s score , grading and staging. Guide Surg Cdr V Manu

KVPY Project

AFG- 6133 Med Cdt Dhiren Kumar Sethi. To study the changes in platelet indices in cases of metabolic syndrome. Guide Wg Cdr Prateek Kinra