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Department of Pediatrics

AFMRC Projects

  • 4044/2010       Comparison of training in neonatal resuscitation using self-inflating Bag and T-piece resuscitator      Surg Cmde Sheila S Mathai, VSM
  • 4060/2010       Thyroid Profile of Children with Idiopathic Primary Nephrotic Syndrome  Col Amit Devgan
  • 4374/2013       Comparison of intravenous dopamine, dobutamine and epinephrine among neonates with shock   Lt Col Vishal Sondhi


  • Awareness of dental hygiene amongst preschool childrenof low socioeconomic strata           Lt Col Deepak Joshi/ Ravi Kumar

  • A study to determine the effect of different floor cleaning methods on the air quality in Pediatric war Col Amit Devgan/ Manas Rastogi

  • A study to compare health care indices in boys versus girlsinfants in first year of life.    Dr Karalanglin T/ Shivank


  • A study of factors inflicting exclusive breast feeding in pre-term babies in 1st 2 months of life      Brig Ashok Saxena Sagar Saxena

  • A study to correlate thyroid binding globulin (TBG) with thyroid profile in children with nephrotic syndrome            Col Amit Devgan        Suman Chatterjee
  • A study of relationship of physical activity with scholastic performance and body mass in in children between 12-18 years   Wg Cdr BM John       Shashank Negi