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Department of Physiology

Research Topics

  • To study gastroesophageal reflux status in cases of dental caries. Capt Bikalp Thapa, Lt Col Madhu Bhatt
  • Does blood pressure and blood pressure response differ in normotensive Indian males between 35-45 years with family history of hypertension and without family history of hypertension to acute exercise?  Dr Chetan Yadav, Lt Col SP Singh
  • To evaluate effect of aerobic exercise on upper gastrointestinal manometry and pHmetry analysis in obese Indian population. - Maj Krishan Singh, Lt Col Deep Sharma
  • A descriptive study of electroencephalographic changes in febrile seizure in children of 05 months to 06 years of age. - Dr Nitu Roy, Lt Col Latika Mohan
  • Study correlating BMI and cardiac autonomic dysfunction during head up tilt test - Dr Anirban Bhattacharya, Lt Col Anuj Chawla.
  • A study of  basal lower oesophageal sphincter pressures in patients of bronchial asthma. Maj Shelkha Dua, Lt Col Latika Mohan.
  • Assessment of oesophageal manometry in diabetes patients - Surg Cdr Vivek Verma, Lt Col Latika Mohan
  • A study to determine the correlation between body fat content and maximum aerobic capacity in healthy medical students - Maj Srinivasa A Bhattachar, Lt Col Anuj Chawla
  • Assessment of hypoxia training protocols for enhancement of physical performance in elite Indian athletes - Lt Col, Vineet Kumar Malhotra, Lt Col Latika Mohan
  • Study to assess the effectiveness of local salbutamol application on improving dexterity   and reduction in incidence of frostbite in troops working in subzero temperatures at high altitude  - Lt Col SP Singh, Lt Col Latika Mohan, Dr Anirban Bhattacharya
  • Effect of change in body position on resting electrocardiogram in young healthy adults - Med Cdt Supreet Khare, Lt Col Anuj Chawla ICMR STS – 2010
  • Effect of body composition and aerobic capacity on blood pressure in young healthy Indian adult males - Med Cdt Ankit Kumar, Wg Cdr Pallavi Goswami – ICMR STS – 2010
  • A study to assess the aerobic and anaerobic fitness in endurance and resistance trained individuals and correlate it with body composition analysis – Wg Cdr Pallavi Goswami

  • Evaluation of Autonomic functions in cases of depression and their modulation by antidepressant medication – Lt Col Atul Shekhar

  • A pilot study of the distribution of the ACTN3 genotypes RR,RX and XX in the Indian male population and it’s applicability as predictive markers of power/endurance trainability when selecting candidates for athletic training? - Lt Col SP Singh

  • A study to examine the scope of conducting ‘Continuing Medical Education (CME)’ for service General duty Medical Officers (GDMO’s) of the ranks of Capt/Major posted in peripheral/field MI rooms through distant education - Lt Col Madhu Bhatt

  • To study Heart rate and Blood pressure response to squatting position in Indian healthy adults – Med Cdt Bhavya Joshi, Lt Col Madhu Bhatt

  • Study of correlation of expiratory muscle strength and dynamic lung function in healthy adults – Med Cdt Suman Chatterjee, Lt Col Anuj Chawla

  • A study to assess the correlation between chest circumference and maximum voluntary ventilation in healthy adults – Med Cdt Abhijit Anil, Lt Col Atul Shekhar

  • Assessment of Physiological cardiorespiratory parameters during sub maximal exercise on exposure to normobaric hypoxia in healthy young males -Maj Bipin K Shreshtha, Lt Col S P Singh

  • A study of prevalence of different actin 3 genotypes and their association with endurance performance in non sedentary, non athletically trained healthy young males - Maj Tanaji Wankhede, Lt Col Madhu Bhatt

  • A study to assess the Physiological & Psychological aspects of use of NBC protection suit in adult Indian males - Surg Cdr Vishal Kansal, Lt Col Anuj Chawla

  • A study of effect of a training cycle on aerobic and anaerobic capacities in athletes running 5000 m and 10000 m events - Sqn Ldr Thyelnai D Khaling, Lt Col Rajeev Bajaj