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Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology




The department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology has inherited a rich tradition of being a center of excellence ever since its inception in January, 1965, under the stewardship of Col N J Choksey. Its golden history shines with pioneering milestones in Urogynaecology (Khanna’s Sling), Feto-Maternal medicine (India’s Youngest Intra-uterine Transfusion), Gynaecological Oncology, Minimal Access Surgery, Critical Care Obstetrics, Gynaecologic Endocrinology, Preventive Oncology and Reproductive Medicine.

Exemplary dedication of generations of gynaecologists posted as teachers to this premier institute has etched out an enviable reputation of the department in the whole nation. It holds the unique distinction of providing holistic and comprehensive evidenced based health care and translating them into worldwide publication for best clinical practice by our global fraternity.

In the pursuit of knowledge, the department breeds a culture of inspiration, curiosity, confidence, attitude, understanding, communication, innovation and skill acquisition amongst the students. The environment instills a passion of learning and builds the character and caliber of budding doctors. It champions women empowerment and inspires a progressive discovery of a team leader in every student. Presently, the department is scaling new frontiers under the dynamic leadership of Brig Aruna Menon.

******** MISSION STATEMENT ********

The department aims to impart comprehensive knowledge and training in the science and art of obstetrics and Gynecology to undergraduates and postgraduates and inculcate in them the quest for knowledge and skill, a strong desire to strive for excellence and a deep concern for the cause of women’s health.


The department has got four units providing services to 33,000 out-door patients annually. Every year it caters approximately to 1500 major surgeries, 500 minor surgeries, 2200 deliveries and 3000 OPD procedures. It runs an outreach program at village Kasurdi.

Every year it trains 150 undergraduates, 8 postgraduates, 10 medical officers in MOJC, 60 nursing officers, 25 para-medical workers. It conducts 250 clinics, 120 lectures, 50 tutorials and educational activities to the under-graduate and post-graduate students. Both formative and summative styles of 3600 assessment are being carried out for students as per the norms of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. The department has aptly geared up its teaching activities by engineering e-resources during the covid time which is proudly reflected in the university results of our students.