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Department of Pathology

   The Department of Pathology came into existence after the amalgamation of ‘Central Military Pathology Laboratory’ with the Armed Forces Medical College in 1948. In 1979, the then Department of Pathology was trifurcated into the present Departments of Pathology, Microbiology and Biochemistry. The faculty is an ideal blend of experience and potential and includes molecular pathologists.


Diagnostic Service

   The Department of Pathology provides diagnostic services to all general and super-speciality centres of Command Hospital (Southern Command) Pune. Referral services are offered to all service hospitals and local academic Institutions in Histopathology, Cytopathology, Hematology and Clinical Pathology and also in specialized facilities like frozen section diagnosis,Histochemistry, Immuno-histochemistry, Immunofluorescence, Cytogenetics and Electron Microscopy. The Hematology section is quipped with the latest cell counters and Immunophenotyping facilities. The department is also engaged not only in routine diagnostics but also in researches involving state of the art techniques such as Flowcytometry, karyotyping,FISH and PCR-based techniques in the field of hemato-oncology and tumour pathology. 


Quality Assurance 

   The department has quality assurance as a central dogma which is attained by continuous internal quality assurance and validation of diagnosis and test results. As an extension of this central dogma it is implementing an External Quality Assurance Programme in histopathology for service hospitals. The dept reached an important milestone in its history when it attained accreditation in Hematology by NABL (National Accreditation & Calibration Board for Laboratories) as per ISO 15189(2012) on 31 Feb 2019 and stands valid up to 30 Oct 2021.


   The Department of Pathology is committed to being a leader in patient care, education, training and research. We aim to provide accurate, timely and the highest quality diagnostic services so as ensure the best possible patient management and care. We constantly strive to impart excellence in education and training to laboratory personnel, undergraduate and postgraduate students so as to foster their intellectual and ethical development while nurturing their capacity to think skillfully and critically. We are also committed to the pursuit of knowledge and to expand the boundaries of pathology and medicine through basic and applied research. Our endeavor is to provide comprehensive services in all these realms to uphold our motto.



pathology pathology

   The Department is recognized for undergraduate, postgraduate and post-doctoral courses by the medical University of Pune and MUHS, Nasik. Classes for MDS, SDO courses are conducted as also training of laboratory assistants, laboratory technologists PGDMLT and BPMT (Basic Para Medical Training) of the Army Medical Corps under aegis of MUHS, Nashik. The Department has a well-equipped pathology museum with more than thousand specimens covering a wide spectrum of lesions. The specimens have been neatly catalogued with compiling of the differential diagnosis in each case, thus providing an excellent tissue teaching data bank for the students. The Department administers a central well- equipped mortuary for the affiliated hospitals. A large number of medical autopsies are conducted. A well-stocked library is maintained where every current standard textbook and monograms is readily available for reference.